Our goal is to save your tooth if at all possible. A tooth extraction is never recommended unless your dentist feels it is completely necessary. At times, a tooth extraction is the best option due to the threat it can bring to your other teeth if it is severely damaged or infected. Sometimes a tooth is impacted and not able grown in fully, or your smile may have too much crowding and require an extraction to create more room for your teeth to be aligned. Whatever the reason for an extraction, treatment can be carefully performed by your dentist for the benefit of your smile.

When you visit our office for a tooth extraction, your dentist will numb the area where the extraction will take place. Once you are fully comfortable, your dentist will carefully proceed with the extraction. If an extraction makes you scared or uneasy, sedation can be used to help you feel relaxed and at ease. Once the extraction has been successfully completed, your dentist can go over any treatment plans that are needed moving forward to restore your missing tooth.

If you are in need of a tooth extraction in New York City, call our office today to schedule an appointment. Our team will go out of our way to help you feel at home and get the care that you need!