Pediatric Dentistry

Every child deserves a great dental experience! Our goal is to help every child feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed throughout each dental visit. From their first visit, we strive to make each child feel at home and have a good time while taking care of their smile! Regular visits help detect dental issues early and keep patients from extensive treatment or expensive bills. By bringing your child every 6 months, your dentist can build a relationship with your child as well as help you understand their dental needs and address them when needed. Even orthodontic treatment can be started early and be less extensive for many children.

Dr. Nazli Diba

Our pediatric team is led by Dr. Nazli Diba, a wonderful dentist and mom! As a mom, Dr. Diba understands children and strives to make each child’s visit a great and fun experience! We want to join with you in helping your little one start down a healthy oral journey that will last a lifetime! We offer many incentives to help kids have fun and feel comfortable, including a fun play area, a treat to take home and kid-friendly technology.

When Should I Schedule my Child’s First Visit?

The first dental visit is recommended to be scheduled around one year of age. Allow your child to get a very early dental experience and have good memories in the dental chair! The first visit will not be invasive or lengthy, but allows your dentist to evaluate your little one’s smile, check for any early dental issues and answer any questions you may have. Your dentist may also be able to tell you of any crowding or alignment issues that are apparent and may need to be addressed later on. 

At-Home Dental Care

Teaching your children healthy dental habits from a young age will build a lasting foundation for their oral health. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily will help avoid decay, as well as minimize plaque and tartar buildup. Brushing right after eating sugary foods is also recommended as much as possible. 

Sports Mouthguards

In sports, oral injuries can occur. However, many of these injuries can be avoided with the help of a sports mouthguard. Having a custom-made sports mouthguard for your child can protect their teeth from chipping or other injuries. Many dental emergencies occur from sports. Although sports are a great part of life, protecting your smile while you play is also important! If you are interested in sports mouthguards in New York City, call our office to set up an appointment!