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Removable vs. Permanent Dentures: Which One Is Right For You?

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Removable Dentures

What are they? Removable dentures, commonly referred to as “false teeth,” are prosthetic teeth set in a pink gum-colored base. They can be full (replacing all teeth on the top or bottom) or partial (replacing several missing teeth).


  • Affordability: Typically, removable dentures are less expensive than their permanent counterparts.
  • Non-Invasive: No surgery is required. They rest on the gums and can be easily taken out.
  • Easily Updated: If more teeth are lost or the shape of the gums change, removable dentures can be easily adjusted or replaced.


  • Maintenance: They require nightly removal and thorough cleaning.
  • Stability Issues: Over time, the jawbone may recede, leading to potential fit issues.
  • Dietary Restrictions: Some foods can be challenging to eat with removable dentures.


Permanent Dentures

What are they? Permanent dentures are often anchored in place using dental implants, small titanium posts inserted into the jawbone. The dentures are then fixed onto these implants, providing a secure and long-term solution.


  • Natural Feel: They function much like natural teeth, offering a stable bite.
  • Preserve Jawbone: The implants stimulate the jawbone, preventing its deterioration over time.
  • Convenience: No need for removal every night or worry about them slipping out of place.
  • Long-Lasting: With proper care, they can last a lifetime.


  • Higher Cost: The implant procedure can be more expensive than traditional dentures.
  • Surgery Required: The process requires surgical implantation, which might not be suitable for everyone.
  • Longer Process: The complete process, from implantation to attaching the dentures, can take several months.


Conclusion: Making The Choice

Your decision between removable and permanent dentures should be based on several factors: your budget, the health of your jawbone, your lifestyle, and your personal preference. While removable dentures provide a quick and affordable solution, permanent dentures offer the feel and function closest to natural teeth.

Regardless of the choice you lean towards, it’s crucial to consult with a dentist to evaluate the health of your gums and remaining teeth. You might also consider discussing your options with a specialist, like a prosthodontist, to ensure you’re making the best decision for your long-term dental health.


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