Living with missing teeth is not convenient or comfortable. The good news is if you are dealing with missing teeth, there are options to restore your smile! You don’t have to live with the daily difficulties that come with missing teeth such as trouble eating, lack of confidence or discomfort. Restoration dentistry is more advanced than ever before and offers several options for giving you back your smile.

One of the best options for replacing multiple teeth is dentures. Dentures fit comfortably, securely and feel natural thanks to many advancements that have been made over the past several years. Whether you are missing some or all of your teeth, dentures may be an option for you. Partial dentures are used when only some teeth are missing, whereas full dentures are used when all of the teeth on the upper or lower jaw need to be replaced. Dentures are made to both feel and look natural, helping your smile to function like it should.

If you aren’t sure which option would work for restoring your smile, the best place to start is scheduling a consultation with your dentist. He can evaluate your teeth and give you the best treatment options. Your dentist can check the condition of your jaw bone, the amount of teeth missing as well as other factors that may help him determine if you are a good candidate for dentures.

If you are interested in dentures in New York City, call our office today! Our team can’t wait to meet you and help you start down the path towards a fully restored smile.