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Oral Surgery in Midtown Manhattan

Oral surgery is a dental surgery procedure that is performed by an oral surgeon in Madison. At Madison Dental Clinic, we have experienced dental surgery specialists who can perform a range of surgical procedures, including tooth extractions, dental implants surgery, and corrective jaw surgery.

Recent advances in dental implant technology have made dental implant placement and restoration more precise and efficient, with better long-term outcomes. Oral surgery may also be necessary to address issues such as abscesses or oral pathology.

It is important to get qualified dental help when oral surgery is needed because these procedures can be complex and require a high level of skill and expertise to perform safely and effectively. Oral surgeons are highly trained professionals who have completed years of specialized education and training to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to perform complex dental procedures such as tooth extractions, dental implants surgery, and corrective jaw surgery.

What are the most common cases for oral surgery in Madison?

Oral surgeon’s help in Madison may be necessary for a number of reasons, including severe tooth decay, gum disease, trauma, or overcrowding. If left untreated, a damaged or decayed tooth can lead to further dental problems and even affect overall health. In such cases, extraction may be the best course of action to preserve oral health and prevent further complications. There are also some cases, when dental surgery is needed:

  • Tooth extraction: involves the surgical removal of a tooth that has been damaged or decayed beyond repair. While a general dentist may be able to perform a simple extraction, more complex extractions typically require the expertise of an oral surgeon.
  • Dental implants surgery: Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, and the surgical placement of the implant is typically performed by an oral surgeon.
  • Corrective jaw surgery: When there are problems with the alignment of the jaw, such as underbite or overbite, corrective jaw surgery may be necessary to improve function and appearance. An oral surgeon may perform this type of surgery.

Qualified dental help from an experienced oral surgeon at Madison Dental Clinic can help ensure that the procedure is performed properly, minimizing the risk of complications and ensuring the best possible outcome. Additionally, a qualified oral surgeon in Madison at our dentistry will use advanced techniques and technology to make the procedure as comfortable and minimally invasive as possible, and provide patients with the highest quality care throughout their surgical procedure and recovery.

During oral surgery at Madison Dental Clinic, anesthesia will be used to ensure patient comfort and safety. Our skilled oral surgeons will work closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs and goals, and we will provide you with the highest quality care throughout your surgical procedure and recovery..

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